Progressive Grocer

Progressive Grocer India is the country’s leading speciality B2B magazine for the food & grocery retail sector, and all allied sectors/ industries, including food manufacturing and processing, logistics, SKU management, consumer shopping trends, retail strategy, merchandising and retail technology.

Its in-depth content — including industry and category analyses, C-suite interviews and retailer profiles—is designed to empower manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers across all categories of food and grocery merchandise to develop higher efficiency and effectiveness.

India Food Report

India Food Report offers extensive mapping, sizing of the food manufacturing, marketing and retailing sectors, benchmark figures on consumer spends and retail market size across key food categories and segments, opportunities for business and growth in key areas of food retail, along with observations by industry experts on key consumption trends, new concepts in F&G, FMCG, and F&B.

In addition to IMAGES research, the organizations and experts who contribute to the making of the report include global and Indian market research & analysis majors