Biraja Rout

Biggies Burger

Starting with just Rs 20K in hand, Biraja Rout embarked on a mission to introduce the concept of authentic grilled burgers to Indian consumers and has built a QSR empire that is set to reach its 100 Crore mark this financial year. Through his relentless efforts and innovative approach, Biggies Burger has become the largest homegrown burger chain in India, having sold an incredible 50 lakh burgers to date. What sets Rout apart is not only his entrepreneurial success but also his ability to inspire and empower aspiring foodpreneurs across the country. By scaling Biggies Burger from a small kiosk in Electronics City, Bengaluru, to a national phenomenon with over 130 stores in 28 cities and 14 states, Biraja Rout has demonstrated the power of resilience and innovation.