K Radhakrishnan

Founder & CEO
Tata StarQuik

K Radhakrishnan (‘Radha’), CEO, Starquik, has been a corporate citizen for four decades, of which for 25 years he has been a Grocery Retailer.He began his career as a tea taster, a tea retailer, an aquaculture farmer, and the one who started the now famous CupNoodles and TopRamen in India. He was part of the team that launched the first grocery modern trade store in the form of Foodworld Supermarkets in 1996 in Chennai, and has mentored several young people who are today all over the world and owe their deep understanding of retailing templates for grocery to him. He was also the first CEO of Reliance Retail Start-Up and launched the Fresh and Hyper Format in Hyderabad 2006, being involved from day one to taking it to over 1000 stores. Radha is a postgrad in mathematical economics, a Trustee in Sankalp Special school for Autistic and Learning disabled children for the last 20 years, has been a Karate National Champion, and a State level Hockey player.